Sex Tips : Stimulating Herself as You Watch

The turn-on:

"It's the best way to show you how she likes it," says Sandor Gardos, Ph.D., a sex therapist and founder of "The fact that she's turning you on while making herself orgasm makes her feel incredibly sexy and compounds her pleasure."

Make it happen:

During foreplay, take her hand and put it under yours. Then gently move your hand and hers toward her clitoris. Remove your hand and encourage her to continue touching herself while you lavish attention on the rest of her body. Then ease away and enjoy the show. Want to help and still watch? Service yourself at the same time, says Gardos. It's one of the biggest visual turn-ons for women.

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Tips For Beauty : Different Type of Face masks

The do’s of facial mask

  • You should apply the facial mask formula evenly to the entire face and avoid the eye and mouth areas.
  • You should leave the facial mask after applying it on your face, as per the product instruction.
  • You should apply the facial mask, every 5-7 days.

The don’ts of facial mask

  • You should not apply the facial mask in an uneven manner. If you do so, it will have adverse effect on blood circulation.
  • You should not leave the facial mask on for too long. If you do so it may cause excessive stimulation to the skin.

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